The cute lion Simba at Dehiwala Zoo

The Dehiwala Zoo stands as a testament to the island’s incredible biodiversity. While the zoo boasts a diverse array of animals, from graceful elephants to majestic peacocks, there’s one resident that consistently captures the hearts of visitors: the adorable lion cub. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the enchanting world of the Dehiwala Zoo, focusing on its most endearing and captivating inhabitant, the cute lion cub.

In the heart of Sri Lanka, amidst lush greenery and a rich tapestry of wildlife, the Dehiwala Zoo stands as a testament to the island nation’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its natural heritage. Recently, this iconic zoo welcomed a new member to its family – a lion cub named ‘Simba.’ This exciting addition has created quite a stir among wildlife enthusiasts and visitors alike. In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual journey to Dehiwala Zoo, exploring the charming Simba and the broader significance of this event for both conservation efforts and travelers seeking unique experiences.

A Royal Arrival: Simba’s Story

Simba, the lion cub, was born on a sunny day in May 2023 to his proud parents, Simba, born to Chandi and Meera at the Hambantota Safari Park, was rejected by the mother after birth. Hence, Simba has been brought to the Dehiwala National Zoo and is being cared under the supervision of veterinarians and animal caretakers., which can ultimately contribute to the preservation of these majestic creatures in the wild.

The Dehiwala Zoo’s dedicated team of caretakers and conservationists has been tirelessly working to ensure Simba’s well-being and the success of his integration into the zoo’s lion pride. As Simba continues to grow, visitors to the zoo can witness his playful antics and growing strength, making their trip to the Dehiwala Zoo an unforgettable experience.

1: Dehiwala Zoo – A Slice of Sri Lankan Wildlife

Before we dive into the captivating world of the lion cub, let’s get acquainted with the Dehiwala Zoo itself. Located in the southern suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city, this zoological garden has been enchanting visitors for decades.

Spanning over 11 acres of lush greenery, the Dehiwala Zoo is home to a remarkable variety of animals and birds, both native and exotic. The zoo’s mission is to educate the public about wildlife conservation while providing a safe and comfortable environment for its animal residents. It has certainly succeeded in this endeavor, as it is a beloved destination for both tourists and locals alike.

2: Meet the Lion Cub

The lion cub, the star of our article, is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions at the Dehiwala Zoo. This charming and charismatic creature captures the imagination of visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a photographer seeking the perfect shot, or simply someone looking to experience the wonder of nature up close, the lion cub will leave you mesmerized.

Dehiwala Zoo’s lion cub was born in captivity, making it a valuable addition to the zoo’s conservation efforts. Lions are an endangered species, and breeding programs in accredited zoos are crucial for their survival. The birth of this cub symbolizes hope for the future of these majestic animals.

3: A Glimpse into the Lion Cub’s Daily Life

To truly appreciate the lion cub, it’s important to understand its daily routine and habitat. The Dehiwala Zoo has made every effort to create a natural and stimulating environment for its animal residents, and the lion cub is no exception.

Visitors can watch the cub as it frolics and plays in a spacious enclosure designed to mimic its natural habitat. The enclosure is adorned with lush vegetation, providing shade and a sense of privacy for the cub and its family. Observing the cub during its active hours, you’ll be treated to an adorable display of pouncing, climbing, and wrestling with its siblings.

4: Lion Cub Conservation and Education

Beyond its undeniable charm, the lion cub serves a vital role in educating the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. The Dehiwala Zoo takes its mission seriously and uses its charismatic residents to raise awareness about the challenges facing the animal kingdom.

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the threats lions face in the wild, such as habitat loss and poaching. Additionally, the zoo provides information on how individuals and organizations can contribute to lion conservation efforts.

5: Capturing the Perfect Moment

For many visitors, capturing the beauty and charm of the lion cub is a top priority. The Dehiwala Zoo provides excellent opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a professional camera, you’re bound to capture unforgettable moments.

To get that perfect shot, consider visiting during the cub’s feeding times, as they are often the most active and photogenic moments of the day. However, please remember to respect the zoo’s rules and guidelines for photography to ensure the well-being of the animals.

6: Beyond the Lion Cub

While the lion cub is a highlight of any visit to the Dehiwala Zoo, the park offers so much more. As you explore the sprawling grounds, you’ll encounter a wide array of animals, from majestic elephants to playful primates. The zoo also boasts a diverse collection of avian species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

In addition to the animal exhibits, the Dehiwala Zoo features well-maintained gardens, picnic areas, and a charming lake where you can relax and enjoy a leisurely stroll. It’s a wonderful place to spend a day with family and friends, immersing yourself in the natural world.

7: Practical Information

Before you embark on your adventure to the Dehiwala Zoo to meet the adorable lion cub, here’s some practical information to help plan your visit:

  • Location: The Dehiwala Zoo is situated in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, a suburb of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Opening Hours: The zoo is open daily from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Admission: Entry fees vary for adults, children, and foreign nationals. It’s advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date pricing.
  • Photography: Photography is allowed, but tripods and drones are prohibited. Be sure to respect the animals’ privacy and follow the zoo’s photography guidelines.
  • Accessibility: The zoo is wheelchair-friendly, and there are amenities such as restrooms and refreshment stalls available.


In the heart of Sri Lanka’s bustling capital, the Dehiwala Zoo offers a tranquil escape into the mesmerizing world of wildlife. While the entire zoo is a treasure trove of biodiversity, the cute lion cub steals the show with its endearing antics and charismatic presence.

Visiting the Dehiwala Zoo and spending time with the lion cub is not only an opportunity to witness the wonders of nature up close but also a chance to support vital conservation efforts. As you watch this playful cub, remember that you are contributing to the future of these magnificent creatures and ensuring that future generations can continue to be enchanted by their beauty and grace. So, plan your visit to the Dehiwala Zoo, and prepare to be captivated by the cute lion cub and the incredible world of wildlife it represents.