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World’s best coastlines to visit and enjoy

Coastline is the area where land meets the sea. Around the world you may meet numbers of coastline, but some of them are breathtaking. This ...

Coastline is the area where land meets the sea. Around the world you may meet numbers of coastline, but some of them are breathtaking. This is why we are going to visit 10 Most beautiful coastlines around the world.

01 Amalfi Coast (Italy).

The Amalfi coast is located in Campania of Italy. The place is popular among the tourist and it was identified as a Natural heritage in 1997. The climate of the Amalfi coast is dry summer climate (dry summers and mild, wet winters).

02 Big Sur (California).

Big sur, one of the most beautiful place in the America, is a rugged and mountainous place of the central coast of California between Carmel highlands and San Simeon. It has no formal boundaries and identified as the longest and the most scene tic stretch in the conterminous united states. Big sur is popular destination among the visitors, because of its natural beautiful view, beaches, hiking and other opportunities.

03 Na Pali Coast (Hawaii).

The Na Pali coast is located in the center of the rugged 26 KM along the northwest side of Kaua’i, the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island. The visitors can explore and enjoy the Na pali coast with hiking, camping, paddleboard or in a helicopter. However, you need a valid permit to camping in the coast.

04 Ha Long Bay (Vietnam).

Ha long bay is situated in northeast Vietnam. It is made up of more than 2000 tiny jungle-clad island and islets which include huge caves. The place is identified as a natural heritage in 1994.

05 Skeleton Coast (Namibia).

The skeleton is the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia. The coast is very dangerous for the ships. The Climate is also inhospitable and soft sand occasionally interrupted by rocky outcrops. However, the coast is very beautiful and now it is very popular for surfing.

06 Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous administrative division, situated just off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It has small forest, white-sand beaches, many small island and two large island. This is also home to the rare or extinct animals.

07 Costa Blanca (Spain).

Costa Blanca is one of the most attractive and famous tourists’ destination in Spain. It is over 150 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline located in Alicante province of eastern Spain. Costa Blanca has hundreds of beaches, cities, Mountains, historical places.

08 Coral Coast (Fiji).

The Coral Coast in the Fiji is the stretch of coastline between Sigatoka and Suva. The Coral Coast is made of number of white beaches, forest and bays. Here you can spend your vacation with some of the popular international hotels.

09 French Riviera (France).

The French Riviera, Known the Côte d’Azur in French, is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast of the France. As a tourist Centre, the French Riviera consist of High speed train facility, Air ports, Long Highways, Modern resorts, health resorts, beaches, Marines, gorgeous architecture. The coast has no official boundaries. However, it is entirely within the region of France.

10 Dalmatian Coast (Croatia).

Dalmatia, one of the most famous and historical place in Croatia, is a narrow belt of the east shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is 3600 miles of glimmering coastline with historical value, beautiful views, beaches, gorgeous architecture and resorts.

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