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Why social distancing & Self-isolation for COVID-19

As we all know, the new corona virus becomes the global crisis and it is growing and changing day by day around the world. As well as the nu...

As we all know, the new corona virus becomes the global crisis and it is growing and changing day by day around the world. As well as the number of infected people rising rapidly. This led everyone including scientist, doctors, government officers and leaders to take a huge effort to find a way to control the spread of the virus. This article focuses on brief explanation of what is social distancing and how it differs from the self-isolation.

In some countries, it seems no matter what they try to stop this, the situation gets worst day by day.

However, we still can’t blame on others and do whatever we want during this bad situation. As a responsible person in a country we should also have a responsibility to support the world to control the disease.

There are main two things that every person should do to mitigate this, which you may already know

01 – Social distancing
02 – Self isolation

Every country has a slightly different policy when it comes to these two, however, the general principles are similar.

01 – Social Distancing – 

Social distancing is the most important thing that we can do during the situation. It may include things like,

  • Working from home.
    If you are able to work in a home, it is a good time to start
  • Travelling only when necessary.
    Do not go out unless it is an urgent or necessary thing.
  • If you go out for necessary thing, remember to maintain distance from others – Usually Two (2) three (3) Meters.
    This is so important, because the virus spread through the respiratory droplets when coughing or sneezing. The distance will help you not to breath infected droplets of other.
  • Avoiding gathering of group of people.
    Party events, athletic events, picketing
  • Avoiding of social events parties. – Ex – Cinemas, weddings, musicals
  • Restricting Visitors.
    Ask visitors not to come if it is not a necessary arrangement.

The aim of social distancing is to avoid unnecessary people gathering and allowing them to do only necessary day to day activities. That will also help to reduce the spread of the virus.
Especially elderly people and people who are suffering from medical problems like heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, weak immune system should have to follow advises strictly.

02 – Self-isolation –

Self-isolation for the people who shows the symptoms like Common cold, runny nose, fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, dry cough or people who has close contact with someone who might have symptoms.

This include more restricted things than the social distancing,

  • Not going to outside.
  • No travelling.
  • Stop having visitors (except doctors or other necessary persons).
  • Not sharing a bed or washroom.
  • Stop sharing household items like towels.
  • Stay in the room or separated area in house.

Self-isolation is usually for a set period of time. in that period of time they can see whether they are infected or not.

This may change time to time and still we can help the world by doing this kind of practice to prevent the spread of disease. Let’s do our job to save world.

Things we should know about New corona virus

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