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Corona virus spread through the air ?

As we are aware, the new corona virus becomes the global crisis and it spreads fast around the world. As a result of this, the number of inf...

As we are aware, the new corona virus becomes the global crisis and it spreads fast around the world. As a result of this, the number of infected people and deaths are increasing rapidly. This will bring us to think how it is spreading.

It is identified that the Corona virus mainly spread through the droplets from the sneeze or cough of infected person. The droplets may go some far in the air which cause other persons to breath those infected droplets or can fall on a surface. If an uninfected person touched that surface and then touch their body or face Specially nose, mouth eyes or wound in their body, the virus can easily enter to the body.

This type of transmission is also known as Droplet spread. However, after sneezed or cough, the droplets can only travel short distance (around two to three meters) and can only in the air for a short period of time before it drops down to the land or a surface.

Let’s protect from corona

The exact period of time, the virus can live outside the body is still in debate, some of the researches shows that it can only live few seconds while others suggest it may live Two (2) to three (3) hours.

When a virus become airborne, it means the virus can remain in the air for a long period of time (if the conditions such as temperature, space are good) until it breath another person or drop or destroy. Also the droplets are thinner than the ones coughed or sneezed. However, still researchers don’t have strong evidence to prove that the corona virus behave in the same way as aerosol. They emphasis that they need to do more researchers on this to make final decision.

So it is better to make social distance and wear a mask.

Social distancing and self-isolation

Another way of transmit the virus from one person to another is from the surfaces on which the virus landed. When a person touches the infected surface with their hand and then touch their nose, eyes, ears or mouth, the virus can enter to the body and anther infection begins.

If you clear the surfaces regularly with the alcohol or alcohol based sanitizer you can destroy the virus on surface. This could help to prevent the spread and another infection.

A study from the NIH showed that under ideal conditions, the virus could survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. Also they are doing experiment to see how long the virus can survive on clothing.

The new Corona virus affect all around the world’s Economic, Health, Political, Civil life and other factors. Hence we all have responsibility to prevent the pandemic and re-build the world.

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