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Manage your marriage life: Simple tips and tricks

If you want to live a happy married life, you both have to do your part. Married is not an another love affair and it need more commitment ...

If you want to live a happy married life, you both have to do your part. Married is not an another love affair and it need more commitment and consideration to continue. If you don’t do your part good you may lose the happy and it just become the married.

We see some couple experience happy relationship before they get married, however after married they can’t manage their new life and ended with divorce. The important thing is, you should understand and accept each other before get married. As well as you have to figure out what is your expectation regarding your marriage.

There are lot of work to do if you want to live and continue happy married life. let’s see some of them.

01 – Learn how to agree to disagree.

You need to realize that people can’t agree on everything. so you need to understand the difference and be okay.

02 – Don’t try to change your spouse.

When you are trying to change your spouse it may be the beginning of polarization and distance. so you need to try change yourself than trying to change your spouse.

03 – Put relationship in the first priority.

When you are dealing with the other things like career and children, you have to give the first priority to your relationship.

04 – Appreciate your partner

Even if it is a little thing, honestly Appreciate it.

05 – Pay attention to your appearance.

Even if you are a mother of few children, you have to maintain your appearance as you can. It will bring more attention and love from your partner.

06 – Take time to have fun together

We all are working on busy schedule and it is difficult to find time to spend together. this may lead to destroy your relationship. so make a room in a busy schedule to get together. Do exercise together, laugh together.

07 – Be fairness

Be fairness in the relationship including when you are communicating, supporting, parenting, dealing with finance.

08 – Plan future together

Take time to have conversation and ask for opinion and support to make a better future plan.

09 – Communicate

Communication is the key to a relationship. Do communicate with each other every single time you get.

10 – Respect each other

Use wise words instead of beds words

11 – Support and assist each other

Always try to do best in you. support your partner every time you have opportunity.

12 – Trust your partner and relationship

Trust your partner and the relationship every time. take decision after discussing with your partner.

13 – Take the time to listen

Listen to your partner is one of the best way to make your relationship work. Make an effort to hear and to care your partner.

14 – Be independent

Make time to do your own work and allow your partner to do theirs. It is not necessary to do all work together. sometimes you both need time to do your own work.

15 – Make sacrifices for each other

In order to make relationship work, sometimes we need to sacrifices our own things for others.

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