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Know Before You Shave Your Head – Shorn head / Buzz cut

As lock-downs system continue across the world, many social media users publish and share images and stories of people with the buzz cut. ...

As lock-downs system continue across the world, many social media users publish and share images and stories of people with the buzz cut.

Men and women tend to shave their own heads, using razors or electric shavers. However, the bold look is not just a haircut of convenience. Most of them are trying to keep their look under control while saloons and the barber shop remain closed. the buzz cut has long been the preserve of counterculture, it is a symbol of rebellious aesthetics, empowerment, event political dissent.

In early years the style was mostly worn by young boys. The cut was also common until today among military person who had just started their training (Named as induction cut) in countries like the US, China and the UK. Hence it is clean and easy to maintain, prevented the spread of lice and it brings a sense of uniformity.

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Symbol of wholesomeness

The buzz is a symbol of wholesomeness. It signified a simple, standardized, youthful masculinity until the 1960s. After that the cut was no longer considered as a symbol of wholesomeness. Instead, it became the look of the Establishment, of blood-stained combat and politics.

In fact, the late 60s look was anything but a buzz cut. You could have beads in your hair, Dreadlocks and Braids But a shorn head felt like conforming to old and staid social norms. However, in the mid-1970s, punk began to take hold. In its basic principles the subculture, which originated in the UK and the US, shared the hippie ideology of anti-establishment views, promoting individual freedom and condemning anti-consumerism. Yet, in the way it presented itself, it emerged as a wholly contrary response to the mellowness of the “peace and love” philosophy.

Punk was loud, aggressive, generally progressive and eager to shock. Its aesthetic couldn’t have made it clearer: both tie-dye dresses and flower crowns were out while leather jackets, spikes, pins and shaved heads in.

The buzz cut (Also known as butch, crew cuts, and flattops) remained popular in the 1980s, and it is not just because of punk. Many women see the cut as a stance against gender norms and heteronormative ideas of beauty as well as many notable black women used it as a means to comment on societal injustice.

For example, Annie Lennox who once rocked a vibrant tangerine version of the style, told Interview magazine years later that “appearance is just temporary, and I want to be as strong as a man.”

In the 1990s and early to mid-2000s, female buzz cuts continued to be worn as a symbol of empowerment. At the same time both men and women leaned into the hairstyle with the help of Hollywood popular films actress and the culture.

For example, Demi Moore in G.I Jane, Keanu Reeves in Speed, David Beckham, Britney Spears (Shaved her hair in 2007).

And now it is back again with coronavirus pandemic. It is difficult to say, it returns because in search of convenience or a radical look to match these unprecedented times. However, if the look doesn’t suit you, you have time for your hair to grow back in the privacy of your own home.

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