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Exercise and Diabetes : Type of exercise you should do

Exercise help you in many ways, it reduces weight, strengthen muscles, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost immune system, increase...

Exercise help you in many ways, it reduces weight, strengthen muscles, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost immune system, increase energy, improve sleep, improve heart and blood vessel health. While exercise has so many benefits, it supports prevention and control of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a widespread metabolic disease that cause high blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is the most common diabetes and people with type 2 diabetes have too much glucose in their blood. because,

01 – Progressive loss of insulin secretion. (Body doesn’t make enough insulin)
02 – Insulin resistance. (Body can’t use insulin effectively)

Exercise can control the blood sugar level. When you do exercise, muscles can get the glucose they need without help of insulin and if you are insulin resistance, exercise can also help you to effectively use of insulin, hence our blood glucose level goes down.

Type of exercise you should do

There are main three kind of exercises you can do. However, before you begin any exercises you should have to contact your doctor and ask for a good exercise plan. If you are not very much familiar with the exercises, start slow and then you can increase the amount and intensity of routine overtime.

– Aerobic exercise
– Strength training
– Flexibility exercises

01 – Aerobic exercise

This include low to moderate intensity activities that can be performed for relatively long period of time.


– Increase efficiency of the flow of air in and out of the lungs.
– Allow heart to become more efficient
– Increase the ability of transportation of oxygen from lungs to the blood and muscles.
– Reducing blood pressure
– reduce the risk of diabetes
– Decrease body weight
– Strength mental health
– Increase cardiovascular health

Exercise type

Here are few workouts

– Swimming
– Cycling
– Walking
– Jogging
– Single tennis

02 – Strength training

This include the exercises that support to improve strength and endurance. it is not just get big muscles. Strength
training often associated with the use of weights, however pushups, pull-ups, giant inflatable balls can help you to build
your muscles.


– Strength the muscles
– Increased the function of joint
– Reduce the risk of injury
– Improve bone strength
– Stimulate the cardiovascular system
– Increase mental health
– Increased physical attractiveness

Exercise type

Strength training includes

– Elastic resistance bands
– Bodybuilding
– Weightlifting
– Javelin throw
– Wrestling
– Basketball
– Pole dancing
– Giant inflatable balls
– Soccer

03 – Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercise improve your muscles and joint and can increase your body flexibility. Body flexibility support you
to do other exercise and your day to day activities.


– Help to improve posture
– Reduce and manage stress
– Release muscles tension
– Reduce risk of injury
– Healthier and balance
– Improve circulation
– It Helps to get healthier and balance body.

Exercise type

Flexibility exercises include

– Shoulder rolls
– Stretches
– Yoga
– Chest mobilizer
– Forward bend
– Tai chi

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