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Alcohol : Are you a heavy or binge drinker

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance (Main psychoactive ingredient is ethanol) produced by the fermentation of yeast,sugars, and starches. ...

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance (Main psychoactive ingredient is ethanol) produced by the fermentation of yeast,sugars, and starches. Alcohol is one of the most popular and widely used psychoactive substance in many cultures for centuries.

How alcohol can affect your body and health

Heavy or binge drinking cause large number of diseases, injuries and social and economic problems. Moreover, excessive use of alcohol effect on your relationship such as family members, co-workers, friends and your mood and mental state.

01 – Heart disease

Too much drinking may cause to damage the heart in many ways

– High blood pressure
– Stroke
– Cardiovascular problems

02 – Several type of cancers

According to the scientist, there is a strong evidence that shows drinking alcohol can cause to occur several types of cancers. They also reveal that the more alcohol a person drinks has more risk of developing alcohol related cancers.

– Lips, larynx (voice box), throat cancers
– Liver cancers
– Esophageal cancer
– Breast cancer

03 – Violence

Excessive drinking cause for violence such as Child abuse, Suicide and homicide.

04 – Injuries

Use of alcohol effect to slow decision making, reduce concentrating and reaction time. This will lead to have injuries.

– Vehicle crash
– Falls
– Burns
– Drowning

05 – Alcohol use disorders

– Drinking for personal and professional problems
– Inability to limit drinking

06 – Drinking while pregnant may cause to occur fetal alcohol syndrome and pre-term birth complications

07 – Weaken your immune system

What factors affect to decide alcohol consumption (Consumption Level and Pattern).

  • Alcohol availability.
  • Cultural factors.
  • Alcohol production and distribution regulations.
  • Economic development.
  • Individual factors. Ex – Age, Gender.


It is identified that the harmful use of alcohol is one of the major risk factors for people’s health around the world. It is effect not only on person’s health but also the social and economic states. So, it is better to take action to prevent and reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Here are some of them.

– Developing or strengthening existing strategies to reduce the use.
– Initiate effective education and public awareness programmes.
– Increase the capacity of the health care services and social welfare systems to initiate good prevention systems and treatment services.
– Develop and provide culturally sensitive health and social services.
– Initiate screening and brief interventions for hazardous and harmful drinking at primary health care services.
– Provide community care and support service for affected or risk individuals and their families
– Organize groups to prevent selling and consumption of alcohol, youth and other risk parties.
– Take action to prevent drink-driving. Ex – suspension of driving licenses, random breath-testing.
– Implement a licensing system on alcohol retail sales.
– Limit number and locations for alcohol outlets.
– Establish days and hours of retail sales.
– Regulate or control informal alcohol distribution.
– Stop or limit drinking in public places.
– Control direct or indirect marketing in all type of media.
– Use taxation and pricing mechanisms to reduce demand and usage

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