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10 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing In A Relationship

10 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing In A Relationship There are a lot of directions on what “men” ought to and ought not to do in a re...

10 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing In A Relationship There are a lot of directions on what “men” ought to and ought not to do in a relationship. In any case, realize that a relationship is a 100/100 thing. You need to give it your everything for a relationship to sprout. This means, there are in reality certain things that a lady too ought not to do in a relationship. I can sense some of the highnesses not wanting to accept this fact but ladies, c’mon, you have to do your part for the relationship to bloom. Otherwise, it’s just going to be your fault, and you don’t want that right? Guessed so!

Let’s jump right in! Here are ten things every woman should stop doing in her relationship:

1. Stop talking about other dudes!

Just like how we are self-conscious about ourselves, men can get just as self-conscious too. The same thought process that goes in our mind goes in theirs too: “Am I not good enough, does she find him attractive?” and so on!

So ladies, cut the man some slack, and never usher a word about other men. It has to be only about him.

2. Never bring another woman down at any cost!

Never put another woman down in any case scenario. Yes, we women are very insecure. But girl you are just fine! It’s totally fine for you to open up about your insecurities with your partner. That’s what love is. You share your insecurities and your problems because you both are each other’s safe haven. But in doing so, don’t bring other women down.

If you ever come across a situation as such, always focus on the good things about you. What are your sharpest, most gracious qualities? Focus on them and value yourself. Because putting others down would only worsen your case.

3. Please stop saying sorry every now and then. It’s not attractive!

If you did something wrong, of course, you should apologize, but don’t say sorry unless you really need to.

4. Give the man some air to breathe, give him space

Allow the other person to breathe! You know how alone time is so necessary for a human being. So, let the man have his space. It’s very healthy to give each other their own time and space to breathe. It’s a life-giver to your relationship. Love is not about compressing and pressuring someone to stay in one small circle. Let go of that ego, little princess, we all are humans. Just like you, he needs space as well.

5. Keep your friends close, you don’t have to cut them off!

Don’t neglect your own friendships either. You need friendships just as much as your partner does, so make sure to nurture your other relationships, too. Strong friendships help rather than harm good long-term relationships, so try to strike a balance between the two.

6. Texting other people when out with your partner

Don’t do this, please. We love it when we give our fullest attention to us don’t we? We don’t like them spending their time on the phone while they’re with us, right? The same goes for them. Show them they are valued each second they are with you. Unless you want to give clear signs that you are not interested in him, don’t take the time spent with him to text other people. If it’s urgent, then no problem, he will understand.But, if it’s just random fun chat then don’t.

7. Do NOT talk about your EX

Jealousy thrives in men too. Just take my advice and stay away from that topic.

8. PAY ATTENTION, listen to what he has to say.

Listen to your partner. They open up to you with a lot of trust and enthusiasm. Respect their conversation, pay attention to their feelings. Because if they are opening up to you, that also means they are letting their guard down just for you. So, embrace and protect those words and feelings and emotions coming straight from his mouth.

9. Flirting with other people

Just don’t, you know the damage it can cause. You might have already been there. The trust issues, the beating of your self-confidence, and so much more. Don’t do it to him.

10. Taking your partner for granted

Keep in mind – they don’t need to do these things for you – they want to, so make a point to reveal to them that you are so thankful to have them in your life. Over the long haul in a relationship, we can begin to underestimate our accomplice, and that is typical. Simply make sure to show your thankfulness every now and then for how awesome they are.

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